Along Denmark, seeking beautiful and almost unknown landscapes
From Copenhagen to Viborg
Before leaving Copenhagen we enjoyed the first lights exploring the Den Blå Planet backyard.
Soft gradients, curves, edges: a first taste of the danish relationship between architecture and landscapes.
Halfway on the system of bridges that join Funen to Zealand, you can find Sprogø, a small island with a beautiful lighthouse that catches the eye.
"Your rainbow panorama" is a big loop on the roof of ARoS Aarhus Art Museum. It is as simple as it looks and could be a lark mirror for tourists but still a brilliant installation.
Each gradient reshapes completely your feeling and your perception about the landscape as you walk through the loop.
The Iceberg, a residential building in Aarhus with white facades, blue glasses.
Sometimes reminiscent of icebergs, sometimes narrow valleys.
We visited Viborg with the light of dawn under a drizzle, places like Viborg have a strong charm in the rainy autumn.
Exploring the town, we haven't met anyone except for an old man, he approached us warmly with a question: "Do you know why birds chirp in the rain?", I said, and then he answered himself "because the birds don't have to remember the umbrella".
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